Frequently Asked Questions



What is LipSense?

LipSense is a long lasting liquid lip color that is guaranteed to last 4-18 hours! It is waterproof, smudge proof, kiss proof, and non-drying. It is also lead-free, wax free, gluten free, vegan, kosher, and it’s not tested on animals. LipSense is proudly made in the USA to ensure the highest standard of quality control.

Is LipSense a lip stain?

No, it is not a lip stain. It is a patented formula that bonds to your lips molecularly. It is worn with a permeable Shea butter gloss which transfers through the color to hydrate lips while keeping the color on.

How much does LipSense cost?

If you are new to LipSense you will need to purchase the Starter Kit which includes your choice of a color, the glossy gloss, and an Oops remover for $55 plus tax and shipping. After that, you may purchase individual colors for $25, or glosses for $20.

Why is LipSense so pricey?

At first glance, LipSense may appear to be more expensive than other lipstick brands, but each tube of LipSense actually contains the same amount of product as 4 tubes of lipstick!

Why do my lips tingle when I apply the color?

The tingling or burning sensation is caused by the Denatured Alcohol (cosmetic grade) in the LipSense – which serves as a blender and creates a bacteria free environment in the tube. This tingling sensation is noticed more when a person has very dry lips, and will go away immediately once the gloss is applied. After using LipSense and the gloss for two weeks, the burning sensation should stop.

My color doesn't last as long as it did in the beginning & my lips seem to be peeling. Why is that?

This is called "the exfoliation process". It can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks while some people don't experience it at all. When you start to use LipSense, your lips are able to naturally exfoliate because of the no wax feature in all of our colors! During this time, steer clear of chapsticks & other wax based lip products. Stick it out and your lips will be the healthiest they've ever been!

How long will a tube of LipSense color last?

If used daily, a tube of LipSense will last about 5 months on average.

Can you mix LipSense colors?

Absolutely! Customize your look by applying a different color with each layer!

How do I choose a color if I can’t try it on?

It’s easier than you might think! Send me a photo of your favorite non LipSense lip color & I can find you a color match. Or simply tell me the shades you feel most comfortable in & I will find your perfect LipSense color. I can also send you collages & photos of our lip colors on actual people. You will be able to see how that color looks on real women who love LipSense, so you can visualize how it will look on you! And soon.. we will have a virtual dressing room for ALL our Senegence makeup via my Senegence Shop


PC: Rocha Co. Photo

PC: Rocha Co. Photo

Can I order more than one color?

Yes! As long as you are ordering the starter kit for your first order. You will need at least one gloss & remover to start. From there, you can purchase colors individually!

How long will it take to receive my order?

If your order is available in my stock, you should receive it in 2-5 business days! If I need to special order your product(s), please allow about 7-10 business days for arrival.

I don’t like the color I ordered. What do I do?

I want you to be completely happy with your products! I offer a 100% guarantee on your first order with me. If you aren't happy, let me know and I will give you a full refund or exchange. After your first time, all returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee.