Check yourself before you wreck yourself...


Man, it is so hard.. right?? Things pop up. We are doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace course at Church and goodness gracious.. it has made things a little tight 😅. In a good way. I have paid off almost all my debt minus one credit card! BUT... I’m a single dog/cat mom y’all. These fur balls have to eat (and they have allergies 🐶- hello expensive dog food) I have a mortgage, a car payment.. which yeah, yeah, I know, Dave says "get rid of the car". Out of everything he says.. that is the one thing I can't give up bc.. I have worked so hard for my car and I love it. Sorry, Dave.

Before Dave Ramsey, I didn't know how to budget. I didn't know how to plan. I had credit card debt, medical bills, and so much more! Thankfully, I have been pretty disciplined and it wasn't terrible but I am single in a sense meaning and I am the only one paying my bills. No roommates.

Do you know what saved me?? Lipstick & photography.... Well.. actually GOD.. but, HE saved me with my spirit for entrepreneurship, && a love for photography and makeup. Thank HEAVENS! Who would've ever thought I would say that God used makeup to get through to me 😂

I used to stress so bad!! To the point that each month that I didn't know if I would make ends meet, but He has granted me PEACE. Because, I KNOW that where HE guides, HE will provide!

Have you ever had a nagging feeling to pursue something but you were afraid? I encourage you.. DO IT! Take a second to ask Him if it is His will. If you feel at peace with going ahead with your decision then you know that HE is guiding you. If you still feel anxiety about it, then you need to CHECK YOURSELF before you wreck yourself, friend! And sometimes, it takes time. You may not get your answer immediately, which is probably the hardest part. Just remember: God is preparing you for that next phase. Don't alter what He has planned. If it is His will. It WILL happen!

These girls below... rewind 12 months ago and we would NOT have looked like this NOR would we even be together, laughing, let alone, known each other, had GOD not placed a passion in our hearts to pursue something so unbelievably scary. But. We did <3 


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