Savannah + Kasey

Today is the day for Miss Savannah & Kasey! They are truly *best friends* meant to spend the rest of their lives together! They are so in sync.. It's the kind of love that we all want! 

We started our shoot at Marshall University where they both are going to college and ended in one of my favorite locations in a field! That day though - you never would have known that mother nature decided to place tricks on us.. baby ticks had hatched and were literally swarming our legs! I still have NO CLUE how we didn't get bit but eek. Thinking about it gives me the creepy crawlies! LOL! Looking back at these pictures though -  I am reminded that that true love is more than pretty pictures. It is something you plant, water and grow. It is something so precious that you protect it with all your might and appreciate it every single day! I cannot wait to see you guys today and spend your best day ever with you!! 

She has the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and it took only her laugh to realize that beauty was the least of her.
— Atticus
Kara BlakemanComment