7 Goals & God Sized Dreams


Let's get real for a second!

About four years ago, I decided to take a leap of faith and begin this photography business! I called my step-mom and said.. ok. We both love this so.. why not? What do we have to lose? Well.. guess what! NOTHING! We have gained so much from this journey! Friendships, Faith, Blessings.. I can go on and on about all the things. What started out as a hobby became a dream come true! The one thing I have learned since starting this journey is that this gift I was given is from the Lord above and I will constantly be trying my best to do right by Him! I was always a "God fearing woman", but since January, that has evolved to a beloved child of our Father! I have learned that just like our mothers and fathers, we are God's children and even in our bad times, sins, times of doubt or lost hope, that the Lord and Jesus Christ are there to guide us as long as we choose to believe!

This past January, I was at a point of self doubt. I had lost my way and was struggling something fierce. I KNEW what I needed but didn't know where to even begin. I prayed. A LOT! Then, HE provided. I was at my lowest point and lost in the dark. I opened my heart and now, I see the light! I want to share with you something that I have learned. Statuses are nothing without purpose - but - what you use your life, your promotions, your hard work for, is EVERYTHING! I am reading A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren for our small group at Church and have learned that God is using me every day to spread His word and to help others see that He is there. That His son died for each and every one of us and to love whole heartedly just as Jesus Christ did. So.. with that: I have set up some goals for myself. With each of these goals, I have HIM in mind! 

  1. Empower: I want to empower women to believe in themselves and all the beauty they hold. To forget what society wants and to know that true beauty is not what everyone else thinks! AND.. to know.. just because you are a woman.. YOU CAN DO whatever YOU put your mind to! "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me!" 
  2. DREAM: Have God Sized Dreams! I am reading another book (because I don't know how to do just one things at a time..lol) by Holley Gerth, You're Made for A God Sized Dream and I have learned already in just the first few chapters that if you have a dream that came out of nowhere that you CANNOT explain.. that is probably a God Sized Dream and you should in fact ACT! Holley says, "You are created to change the world. Even on the days you don't see it!". God created each of us for a reason and that is to do His work and spread His love and your belief in Him! <3 
  3. Debt Free!!: I mean.. don't we all want this? Medical Bills, Car Payment, House Payment, Credit Cards, School Loans.. This one is pretty self explanatory. 
  4. 10 Weddings in 2018: I work a full time job (excluding during wedding season bc my brides take precedence!) and I have this Lip Biz Team I am working full time as well so my Goal is to have 10 weddings in 2018!! I met my goal for 2017 and cannot believe it! I have been beyond blessed to have the best couples. I seriously don't know what I would do without each and everyone of them and their faith in me! I have already booked 3 for next year with only 7 more to go! EEK! So exciting!!
  5. Greece: Because it has been a dream since I was 17 years old to visit such a beautiful place! I cannot even begin to imagine all the picture perfect opportunities. I was a huge Greek Mythology lover in high school and college - I loved all the romantic stories! I would most definitely have to visit all the locations mentioned in different stories I have read and to capture the beauty of course! Again, my GOD-Sized dream! I don't know how just yet but somehow I will use this journey to spread my faith!
  6. Relationships: This is a very loaded one! From personal to non-personal.
    • My immediate family and friends - building a better relationship with each and every person is most definitely a goal. I think you start to see how important it is to have these relationships as you enter your mid to late 20's because these people love you for YOU and are the ones who will always be there to support you. 
    • My Boyfriend: We both are working on our relationship with God and getting closer to Him. In a relationship: you CHOOSE to love that person. And my friend, we know relationships are NOT easy! There are bad times and there are good times, but with the guidance of God, Love and FORGIVENESS, you can do so much! We struggle just like everyone. We have arguments, we fight, but.. we CHOOSE to love each other and that is the KEY! Faith, Hope, Love, Trust, Forgiveness and Prayer will make a relationship unstoppable! & Laughter!
    • My LipSense Team: I NEVER in a million years imagined I would make friends with so many women and some I have never even met in person. They have taught me so much through these past few months and have guided me even closer to my faith and to BE MYSELF! Which is important! **BE YOU** <3 I have learned even more about myself since January. I don't think I knew my full potential until signing up with this company. What started as a "leap of faith" and truly, what I believe to be a sign from God has turned into a mission. A mission to empower women and to show them their true beauty within as well as their potential to do the most amazing things! 
    • My puppers: lol, I can't leave my fur babies out of this equation. They help me so much when I am anxious, sad or cold. Hah. My Roxie girl came into my life at just the right moment. I say all the time, what I thought was me saving her, was just the opposite. She saved me! Then, my Benny (Bentli) Boy, saved Roxie. She was getting old and so mopey. I wasn't planning on getting another dog but he happened. And... I swear, Rox's life was prolonged. She plays, runs, cuddles. He cleans her and loves on her all day. It melts my heart!
  7. Crown Princess Retreat: With this company, the higher I rank, the MORE POTENTIAL I have to spread LOVE, FAITH and this amazing opportunity! So.. with that being said, I MOST definitely have a goal to reach Princess by December with the hopes that I can change more lives just as mine has changed in these short 9 months <3

To end this semi-personal post.. I want to know what some of your dreams are! Please, comment below, no matter how big or how small some of your God-Sized Dreams! Also.. I would love if you share your favorite scriptures. I am on a mission of faith and am looking for things to motivate me every single day to seek the Lord so I can spread His word <3 Plus, these scriptures could help someone else who may stop in to read! 

Have an amazing day and weekend! 

xo - Kara