Kacie + Matt Engagement

I have been counting down the days to this weekend's wedding since the day Kacie contacted me! I have never been to Valley View Farms or The General Lewis Inn, but have heard both are absolutely gorgeous! THEN.. I got to meet Kacie and Matt in person, which made it even harder to wait for this day!

Who else loves engagement stories? Because they are my favorite!! Matt was turning 30. Kacie decided to throw him a surprise Birthday party. He quickly figured it out and decided to turn the surprise on her! He enlisted his family for help. His sister even made his birthday cake - she hollowed the inside out so he could place her engagement ring inside. It was the *perfect* set up because Kacie had invited all their friends and family to surprise him -  which means, everyone was their to watch the perfect engagement go down! 

Kacie and Matt have been together for 10 years, and knowing that, you would think that they would be set in their ways and have lost that "spark". Well you, my friend, are so wrong! They are so in love and watching every little smile and kiss they shared touched my heart so deep within. 

Oh and they brought their puppers, Tucker!! I LOVE dogs and he was Mr. Personality for sure! Not to mention, he is in the wedding!! So excited!

Kacie + Matt, I cannot wait to see you on Friday at the rehearsal!

Kara BlakemanComment