Royal Glam Squad



This is going to be the short version..but really raw. I am going to share some things I haven't shared with anyone but my close friends and family and some other things that I may as well have shouted from rooftops ;)

In January, I needed a confidence booster, a support system, FAITH & Jesus.. so I PRAYED! Insert the girls below.. I started a crazy adventure into the world of MLM marketing. I was always so hesitant to do any type of direct sales.. but I needed a change. When I prayed for guidance, LipSense literally fell into my lap. I talked to my boyfriend - he watched one 30 minute video and was sold instantly. He is one of the most money savvy people I know so I knew I needed his guidance on this decision. I don't know why I was so hesitant though because it was only a $55 investment to sign up, lol!

Rewind about 48 hours: I got a message from my friend, Emma who reached out to me a few times on this opportunity -not knowing my internal conflict with depression, anxiety and family issues, her message to join her was exactly what I needed. Little signs from the good Lord kept pushing me towards this business. The night before Emma messaged me, I had fallen asleep crying and praying for a change!

I checked my credit card.. I had literally paid it all the way down to $20 and had no clue! I took a leap of faith and decided to join this crazy lipstick ride for the $55 and thought.. what the heck. Lets go ahead and go all in and ordered $600 worth in stock to get started. Nine months later, I have a team of 56 girls, 16 directly below me. I have a commission that supplements my income from my day job that I was having to work 45+ hours a week PLUS this photography gig. NOW, I am working more from the comfort of my couch and less in an office where there are no windows in a place where the people I managed don't even like me. Every time I go to work - I literally get major anxiety about it. I have General Anxiety Disorder so when I say anxiety.. I mean it. It is so bad that I have a problem even walking out on the sales floor. I grew up at my job, literally. I started working there when I was 16 and now.. I am almost 30! Insane! Almost 14 years. You would think that I would be most comfortable there but instead it is the polar opposite. So sad, but so true. In order to pay my bills, I was having to shoot weddings AND still put in a 45 hour work week. With wedding season in full force, it about 40 hours of time each week as well. Talk about exhausting. Because of this amazing Lip Biz Opportunity, I was able to cut down my hours during my busy season to 20ish hours. 2 weeks ago, I only worked 7! And I was still able to pay my bills and SHOP! haha. Because..well that is important ;) 

These girls in the images below are not all the girls on our team. These are just the ones I have have headshots of. Each girl on our team amazes me every day! They are so supportive, uplifting and motivated! When I say I am blessed.. I truly mean it! We have had team parties and get togethers which are amazing, Team training and NEXT WEEK.. I get to go to Leaders Conference that is only available to certain ranks within our company!! I get to learn from the BEST of the Best where I will then bring back this education to our team! I am so ecstatic for this opportunity! PLUS, I get to have a sleepover with my Senebestie! Ya'll.. I have never felt so blessed! I don't mean to talk all this LipSense stuff on here but I truly feel this is an opportunity that MUST be shared. Especially while we are in the momentum phase. Don't know what that is? Look up the 4 Phases of Direct Sales. Now is the time to do this. If you have any questions, PLEASE message me. If you have never heard of LipSense.. Message me! It is LIFE CHANGING! 

Mission Statement: To lift and empower women, showcasing their beauty inside and out while getting a chance to spread my faith in the One who has granted me these amazing blessings! God is good <3
— xo, Kara

Photo Creds: Emma Hill Photography, Chantell Cruz Photography & Kara Blakeman Photography <3